Welcome to the ReCentre

The ReCentre was established by Littlewoods Services Pty Limited (ABN 27 001 903 359) in March 1997. The aim was to provide a dedicated service centre to offshore reinsurers and insurers.

The origins of the Firm date back to 1957 when a general accounting practice was established by Neville Littlewood. Through various contacts, the Firm was engaged to undertake a number of audits of small Reinsurance Branches established in the late 1960s and early 1970s. From that experience, the Firm undertook the accounting work for a number of Reinsurance Companies, who, as a result of the Insurance Act 1973, established operations in Australia from 1972 onwards.

As a consequence of recent legislative changes in respect of DOFIs, services have been expanded to include direct insurance companies who have a presence in Australia.

Re Centre staff can attend to all the accounting and administrative functions of our client companies excluding underwriting and marketing.

By outsourcing accounting and administration, our clients can concentrate on the core activities of underwriting, marketing and strategic planning.