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          This new digital communication age has brought about many
changes, some are still works in progress, and others are outside the
usual gambit of cause and effect.
          We feel that one of the effects that could not have been predicted
is that we are all beginning to define business success differently.
          For us, this effect is a most welcome one.
          No longer do firms feel that operational success is based on having
all their corporate tasks performed in-house. No longer do firms feel that
human resource success is having all the experts in-house.
          In the pre-digital past, we had little time outside of our daily client
support tasks to talk to the world. In the past we had little skill in how to
define our structure. In the past we did not have the massive advertising
budget it would have taken to do the job properly to reach those in other
          For us, we now have the low cost means to communicate how we
feel about those things that concern us most. You are invited to read these
thoughts as we post them on this digital soapbox. You are also invited to
email or call with your feedback. Through this digital soapbox, we hope
you gain a further understanding of the team and are moved to nominate
us as your outsourcing support partner.
          As we build this web site we will feature new articles. All past articles
will be archived. We will also feature our ebrochures as they are completed.
          If you are keen to learn more, and want to be notified when there
are new additions, simply let us know. We are not prolific self promoters
so you will not be bombarded. Unsubscribing from any further emails is
easy - simply reply to any email with your wish. We understand that your
position, role and interests may change.

Available articles to read.
          'Reinsurance representation. The cost of setup in Australia.' This
corporate capability article is in production.
          'Giving the company back to management. Providing support in
non-core areas.' This corporate capability article is in production.

Available ebrochures to download.
          'Our people.' This ebrochure, the first in our capability series,
has been released and is available for download. Here.
          'Recruiting support staff or deploying experience.' This leadership
ebrochure is in production.

          As we look to the future, with its unavoidable variance in economic,
political, and performance highs and lows, it is our view that insurance and
reinsurance firms need to change their view on how they perceive their
operations and how they manage success. The lessons of the financial crisis
have proved that only those with skill and experience, can be counted on to
navigate to sustained profitability.
          Today is unlike any yesterday.
          In the articles and ebrochures here we plan to offer both practical
and strategic insights for senior management. This will assist in the need to
understand each other, work together, put our respective skills into action,
share our success, and offer support to each other for the changes we all
need to face in this changing world.
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