Legal Statement


Your Use Of This Site.

Your use of this site - our statement on use.
          Compliance is a notion we deal in every day, so in navigating the
do's and don'ts of the use of our web site we have made it as friendly as
we legally can. Within this site we mention carrying on insurance and
reinsurance business activities in Australia. Our simple descriptions within
these pages cannot be taken for advice to which one must adhere. Doing
business in Australia can be subject to rather complex issues, with strict
rules, and strong enforcement penalties.
          If you are a little hesitant to meet with us at this stage, then may
we suggest you converse with us by email for a time about your thoughts
and requirements. That way we can gain your trust at your pace. 
          For our own compliance, here are the terms of a legal agreement
between you and us in using this web site.
          By reading these pages, monthly articles and perhaps the
ebrochures you have downloaded, you acknowledge that you have
read and agree to be bound by our terms. If you do not agree, then
do not continue your visit to our web site today, and do not access it
in the future.
          To ensure we continue to comply to new regulations that impact
on this site we may revise these terms of use and any other information
contained herein, or within the pages of downloadable items, by updates.
We may also make changes to descriptions of business offering categories,
without notice.
          You should also be aware that within these pages we have included
corporate proprietary notices and copyright information, the legal obligations
of which must be observed and strictly followed at all times.

Your use of this site - our statement on rights of ownership.
          We state here that no graphic design, format style, descriptive text,
images, nor graphs can be copied, reproduced, republished, printed or
used in the production of part or whole derivative works without our prior
written consent to do so. Except that we allow you to forward downloaded
ebrochures to other members of your senior management team, colleagues
and peers you consider would be interested. We consent to your publishing
of links to our pages in your emails and letters.
          We do not consent to you mirroring any of the content from this site
on another web site, portal, blog or in any other media, even for educational
          These restrictions include use by both government and also
professional associations. All non-commercial entities must also seek
our prior written consent to do so.
          Failure to comply with the terms and conditions for our site will
result in automatic termination of any written permission granted to you,
without prior notice, and you must immediately destroy, or overwrite,
all copies of materials in your possession or control.
          Our having the pages of this web site in unrestricted public view
does not grant you any express or implied rights under any trademarks,
service marks, copyrights, or other proprietary or intellectual property

Your use of this site - our statement on linking.
          All links to our web site home page, or other pages herein, must
have our prior written consent to do so.
          After such written approval the links may be coded but you are
not approved to carry out any manipulations of our corporate styled
material. These include, but are not limited to, the following:-

          1. Code frames around any page, or use of other digital or
imaging techniques that alter in any way the visual presentation,
appearance, or layout design of any page or content within this site.
          2. Misrepresent your relationship with our firm, or its staff,
in any way.
          3. Imply that our firm, or its staff, approves or endorses you,
your firm, your web site, your service, or your product offerings.
          4. Present negative commentary, false or misleading impressions
about our firm, or its staff, or otherwise damage the goodwill associated
with our name, style, trademarks or service marks.

          As a further condition on being given permission to link to this site,
you agree that we may at any time, at our sole discretion, terminate such
permission. In such an event, you will be informed in writing that permission
has been withdrawn and you agree to immediately remove all links to this
web site and to cease using any reference to our name, style, trademarks
or service marks.

Your use of this site - our statement on ownership.
          This site is owned by Littlewoods Services Pty Limited, trading
as ReCentre, with the Australian Business Number 27 001 903 359.

Your use of this site - our statement on liability.
          The front end of our web site,, is in the
public domain without login access, but in no event whatsoever will our
firm, or its staff, be liable to any business or person, in either Australia
or overseas, for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages
of any type whatsoever related to or in any way arising from this web site
or any use of this web site, or for the use or downloading of, or access to,
any ebrochures, materials, information, podcasts, and webinars including,
without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, or loss of programs,
information, or other data.
          This legal statement is current as at the latest update in March 2013.
Do return periodically to review our latest legal statement.